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Testimonials from Some of our clients…

Seb was introduced to me by my work colleagues, to have deep tissue therapy on my shoulders. I have had problems with my shoulders for many years, since having therapy with Seb, my shoulders have not felt so loose and flexible. I can highly recommend Seb. Should I need further therapy, I know exactly where I’ll be going. Thanks Seb!!
Wendy Kempson-Laidlaw

I’d spent many years visiting Osteopaths and Chiropractors to be cracked and crunched when all I really needed was a good old fashioned stretch and sports massage! Seb was recommended to me by a few people from my badminton club and I’ve never looked back.
Jo Berry

Having fallen off my bike too many times, the Optimal Sports Therapy Centre has done a fantastic job in fixing my back, knee and tennis elbow from various sporting injuries. Seb has a talent for finding every little knot and tight piece of tissue and massaging away the aches and pain.I would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone seeking a first class Physical Sports Therapist.
Christos Papakyriacou

Sports Massage and Training

I  first met Seb when I was having some back pain and was recommended to him by my daughter. I had visited the doctor for a routine check-up . I was overweight, had high blood pressure, etc.

I decided to take dramatic action to get fit and signed up for a full IRONMAN triathlon at the age of 57. (That’s a 2.4 mile swim, 112 mile bike ride and a 26.2 mile marathon).  This involved a strict regime of daily training for 11 months. Part of this regime was to visit Seb Challen, at the Optimal Sports Therapy Centre, for various treatments, some preventative and some to help with niggles picked up in training. I am sure that I could have never completed this challenge without the help of Seb.  I have since completed another  three  IRONMAN races, including 2 in 2 weeks, all at under the careful management of Seb at Optimal.

Thanks Seb!!

A.J. Lane

Follow this link to see a Red Bull video featuring AJ’s fantastic achievement.

Deep tissue massage testimonials 1

deep tissue massage testimonials 1My wife and I were introduced to Seb and his amazing fingers through the Ideal Spine Centre in Blean. Weekly deep tissue  massages were an essential part of our regular chiropractic adjustments. By relaxing the muscles surrounding the spine it enabled the practioner to more effectively carry out these adjustments.
The proof of Seb’s skills is in the dramatic improvement in both my and my wife’s physical abilities. She no longer has debilitating headaches and I have staved off a potential second hip replacement.
That is the professional side of Seb’s abilities but there are also his people skills. His ability to immediately ‘get on’ with people to relax them and relate to each and every person that he treats showing an interest in their day to day activities and commending them on their progress though their treatment.
Marilyn and I will miss our weekly sessions with Seb and wish him the success he deserves in his new venture.
Mike & Marilyn Stansell

Deep tissue massage testimonials 2

deep tissue massage testimonials 2I joined the clinic at which Seb worked in Canterbury to correct the problems I had been having with my neck and shoulders over an extended period of time. Part of the care regime was to meet periodically on a Saturday morning at some woods for a “power” walk. I found the first of these very difficult because I had damaged my right foot in a swimming pool accident in Florida almost two years previously and had a degenerating cartilage in my left knee.

It was recommended that I talk to Seb as a Sports Injury Specialist and this was easy to do as he was already providing the deep tissue massage which was another part of the care regime. Seb is very approachable, very knowledgeable and, most importantly, very skilful at what he does. He was worried to hear that I was intending to return to Florida just four weeks after our discussion. I explained that I would just do my best to keep up with the rest of my family while visiting the parks and other attractions and that they were used to Dad lagging behind when a lot of walking was involved.

Seb worked out a programme of deep tissue massage on the foot, to repair the damage I had done by not having it treated in the two years since the accident. There was further deep tissue massage on leg muscles that would support the damaged sites. Finally, there was a programme of exercises to augment the work of the massage. Yes, it was painful when he started work on the damaged sites. Yes, sometimes it was difficult to fit in all the exercises. However, Seb has a way of describing exactly what he is trying to achieve with the body and letting one know precisely, and in layman’s terms, the problem as he sees it and the method to put it right. So it is easy to counteract the pain and difficulty with good reasons to persevere.

It is very easy to have confidence in Seb and follow the programme he sets because it is clear that he cares for his patients and always does his best for them. Other patients I have spoken to in the waiting room have found exactly the same. Three days ago, I returned from that holiday in Florida. Whether we were at the amusement parks or shopping malls or anywhere else, I never had a single twinge from foot or knee. As far as my family were concerned Seb had worked a miracle on their old Dad (I will soon turn 57) and for me I had the best holiday I’ve had for years.

I will admit to some odd looks from Americans when I carried out the exercise routines in the queues for the attractions, though it did pass the time. To be pain free after years of being told by doctors that I “could expect little else at my age” is a wonderful thing. I owe Seb Challen a great deal and I know that he will be sorely missed in Kent. Hampshire is a very lucky county to be gaining a superb practitioner with such a wonderful “bedside manner”. Seb you deserve every success that I am sure will come your way.

Thank you.

Ian Sheppard Head Teacher

 Deep Tissue Massage

Deep Tissue Massage TestimonialsDeep tissue massage is not just for persons involved in sporting activities- everyone can benefit.

A variety of massage techniques can be used by the practitioner to treat the soft-tissue of the body which is made up of muscles, tendons and ligaments.

Massage has many benefits. More…


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