Deep Tissue Massage Basingstoke – is it just for sporting individuals?

Deep tissue massage – is it just for sporting individuals?

Deep tissue massage is not just for people involved in sporting activities – you can benefit too. A variety of massage techniques can be used by the practitioner to treat the soft-tissue of the body. Soft-tissue is made up of muscles, tendons and ligaments.

Deep Tissue Massage Basingstoke imageDeep Tissue Massage has many benefits especially physical and psychological. The main aim of deep tissue massage is to work on specific areas of tension, re-balance any misalignments in posture and in particular the muscular system, and restore normal function. These sessions can help relieve muscular tension built up through stress, illness and overuse and additionally you can improve joint mobility and stimulate circulation. The deep tissue can also help alleviate discomfort and promote healing. An important goal of the Optimal Sports Therapy Centre is to help everyone function as close to 100% as possible and keep them doing what they enjoy doing most. All sessions and programmes are tailored to suit the specific requirements of the individual. Gentler techniques can be used for pure relaxation, while at the same time aiding a range of physical and stress related conditions.

Deep tissue massage – treatment and correction

The Optimal Sports Therapy Centre offers a wide range of treatment and correction aimed to speed up recovery  and restore function which helps you to return to your normal daily activities at work, leisure or sport. Preventing injury and optimising performance is beneficial to everyone whether on the sports field, at work or at home. Through a comprehensive assessment of posture, muscle imbalance, biomechanics and flexibility, any imbalances will be identified following which a programme addressing these inefficiencies can be created. This will allow you to continue your sport or activities with a decreased risk of injury while enhancing your performance. Deep Tissue Massage is a speciality at the Optimal Sports Therapy Centre.

Sports Therapy is an aspect of healthcare that is specifically concerned with prevention of injury and the rehabilitation of individuals. This will get you back to optimum levels of functional, occupational, and sport specific fitness, regardless of age or ability. Deep Tissue Massage is a speciality at the Optimal Sports Therapy Centre.