Chris Smith

Strength and Conditioning – The Specialist

Chris Smith
Optimal is expanding its current operation to encompass the exercise side of rehab and provide a more in-depth level of help to its clients in making a quick and effective return to sports or activity. We now offer a two-pronged attack to an injury. Seb will continue to provide his expertise in assessing and treating an injury and I will now be providing more exercise-based support following on or in conjunction with your treatment.

My primary role at Optimal will be as an Exercise Rehab Specialist which is the role that I previously carried out successfully in the Outpatients Physiotherapy Department (OPD) at Basingstoke Hospital for a fraction under 8 years. I bring a wealth of knowledge in the treatment of the following areas, knees, ankle & foot, shoulder, back and many more!

I can also offer help and advice for any treatment that you are undergoing such as hydrotherapy and provide a pre-operative exercise program prior to any planned surgery such as ACL.

My secondary role at Optimal will be that of Strength and Conditioning Specialist. I have coached many athletes in either the club environment or as individuals for many years over a vast range of sports and will now be able to help provide support as you transition from your rehab back into sport.

Gym/Field based sessions:

1-1 Consult £50 (60 mins).

Follow up sessions £30 (45 mins)

10 sessions £280

Training/Rehab Program or advice ONLY:

60 mins - £40

30 mins - £20

Help and support is available for recovery programs, periodisation (training scheduling) and nutrition.

For further information or to book an appointment then please contact us through the website.